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Our mission

The African American Alumni Association aims to provide a forum for Columbia Business School graduates of African descent across all levels and businesses to share ideas and network, develop both professionally and personally, and help advance the School’s diversity initiatives.

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To attract and develop our community members ability to serve, excel and deliver impact where is it needed. 

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Dear CBS4A Alumni,

The recent past has been historically relevant and game changing. The clarion calls for social justice, the pandemic and ongoing  race relations issues in the US have kept in front of us the challenge our community is welcomed to embark on.  Improving the lives of our community by excelling in business, enhancing our institutions to attract and develop more business leaders, and discovering solutions that deliver scalable value and job opportunities is why our community exists.   As we usher in new generations of MBAs into our community our mission becomes more defined and more relevant. 

Capturing and unleasing the potential of our alumni group we aim to support each and every alumnis personal, professional and civic aspirations. 


Our communities legacy at Columbia Business School is one of excellence and our inclusive global community is a powerhouse of opportunity which seeks to attract, power and develop future leaders in collaboration with the amazing resources and institutional capacity of Columbia University. 

As we move forward on CBS4A journey we welcome you to join our efforts in improving like for our community and our stakeholders.


The 4A Board

Frantz Cayo, Ijeoma Chimezie, René Lumley-Hall, Kortni Huggett, Alissa Livingston, Rona Matthew, Kiara Reed, Jen Randle, Lonnie Winshom

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